• The Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce Launches the ‘Being ATHENA Leadership Program’

  • The Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce Launches the

    ‘Being ATHENA Leadership Program’


    Beginning Monday March 25, the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce (SSMCOC) will be hosting the ‘Being ATHENA Leadership Program’. The ‘Being ATHENA Leadership Program’ is a licensed 10-week course with 10 Modules designed to support the development of women in leadership roles. The program will be led by Karen Bird, ATHENA Recipient 2018, Past President of the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce, and certified “Being ATHENA Leadership Program” facilitator.


    In the 2024 ONTARIO ECONOMIC REPORT - Interactive | OCC, access to labour and human resources is identified as the number one issue facing organizations. Leadership is duly impacted by this, and existing and emerging leaders must know how to create diverse and welcoming workplaces, that will require investing in their people, and people investing in themselves.


    ATHENA International has identified the opportunity and the need.

    • More than 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day

    • More than 77% of organizations report that leadership is lacking.

    • 83% of businesses say it’s important to develop leaders at all levels

    • Less than 5% of companies have implemented leadership development across all levels

    • 47% of companies predict there will be a shortage of leadership or executive-level skills in the future


    It’s not just another “one-size-fits-all” leadership template — it’s a personalized, transformational growth experience that allows you to find and embody your own authentic leadership style and voice based on authenticity, communication, strength and compassion. This program is a holistic experience that explores all of what makes you unique, valuable and impactful as a leader with an in-depth journey into the Eight Principles of Enlightened Leadership, the acclaimed and researched principles that are the foundation of the Being ATHENA Leadership Program and defines what it means to be an ATHENA leader.


    Individuals can register now at www.ssmcoc.com and receive the special rate of $750.00 plus GST for members and $900.00 plus GST for non-members (Regular program cost is $1,000 plus GST). Space is limited to 30 participants. The fee includes all materials required to complete the program.


    You can check if your employer is a member at Business Directory Search - Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce, ON (ssmcoc.com) or call the Chamber of Commerce at 705-255-4361. 


    Registration closes at noon on Saturday, March 23rd, 2024.




    Monday, March 25, 11 am – 1 pm, Module 1

    Wednesday, April 3, 11 am – 1 pm, Module 2

    Monday, April 8, 11 am-1 pm, Module 3

    Monday, April 15,11 am-1 pm, Module 4

    Monday, April 22, 11 am-1 pm, Module 5

    Monday, April 29, 11 am-1 pm, Module 6

    Monday, May 6, 11 am-1 pm, Module 7

    Monday, May 13,11 am-1 pm, Module 8

    Monday, May 27, 11 am-1 pm, Module 9

    Monday, June 3, 11 am-1 pm, Module 10


    Register here.


    About ATHENA International


    ATHENA International ATHENA International is a catalyst for developing diverse, transformative leaders who create a balance in leadership voices worldwide. We ignite, amplify, and celebrate girls, women and allies through experiential programs that empower them to discover and activate the authentic leader within.


    At ATHENA International, we believe in developing women leaders from the classroom to the boardroom. Building on our 40-year history, our mission is to create a balance in leadership worldwide by developing, supporting, and honoring women leaders and those who inspire them by offering unique, impactful leadership development programs.


    About the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce


    The Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organization comprised of 600 plus businesses and agencies in Sault Ste. Marie and has been serving the needs of this community since 1889. The Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce will lead the way as the voice of business, advancing economic prosperity for its membership and the business community. Learn more about the SSMCOC at www.ssmcoc.com 


    About the ATHENA Leadership Award Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce


    This award, introduced here in 2000 by the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce, celebrates the potential of women as valued members and leaders of the community and recognizes those who support them. The ATHENA Leadership Award honours individuals who strive toward the highest levels of professional accomplishment, women and men who excel in their chosen field have devoted time and energy to their community in meaningful ways and who also open paths so that others may follow. ATHENA recipients must meet each of these three specific criteria. They must a) Assist women in reaching their full potential, b) Demonstrate excellence, creativity and initiative in their business or profession and c) provide valuable service by devoting time and energy to improve the quality of life for others in the community.

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