• Recovery Activation Program (RAP)

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  • COVID-19 has left many Canadian businesses scrambling to pivot digitally in order to meet the new needs of their customers. Making big changes to how you do business can be daunting at the best of times, but it doesn’t have to be – not when you have the right expertise and support to make it happen.
    That’s precisely why the Toronto Region Board of Trade and World Trade Centre Toronto created the Recovery Activation Program (RAP). This new initiative is designed to help businesses improve their digital capacity, and build their network through curated programs that will help them take the next step toward their digital restructuring.
    Participants start this process by completing the Digital Needs Assessment, which will gauge their digital competencies against industry benchmarks and allow course experts to connect them with the program that is best suited to their needs.
    The learning framework of the program is built around five key pillars:
    • DIGITAL MODERNIZATION Learn how to use technology to transform internal processes like HR, and business opportunities like sales management and customer relationship management.
    • TECHNOLOGICAL INFRASTRUCTURE Discover the equipment and techniques needed to make digital transformation possible.
    • STRUCTURAL AND REGULATORY ALIGNMENT Ensure your approaches meet legal and regulatory requirements.
    • DIGITAL RESTRUCTURE FINANCING Get access to the right mentors, resources, and investors to prepare businesses to undertake a restructuring.
    • MARKETING AND SALES Explore how leveraging data-driven marketing and sales insights can guide business forward.
    The program offers participants unprecedented access to engage with industry leaders, and build their personalised plan to digitally grow their business – at no cost to them.
    A strong digital approach can help all businesses operate better, create new opportunities, and support future growth. RAP ensures that participants feel confident they are approaching their digital transformation the right way.
    Visit rap.bot.com to complete your Digital Needs Assessment today.
    It’s open to all businesses in Ontario.
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