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  • #InThisTogetherSSM
    SaultOnline.com/ONNtv and the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce have teamed up to help our local businesses affected by COVID-19 pass along information to the Community: 
    • Changes in hours of operation.
    • Steps being taken to help protect both staff and customers; social distancing, limiting persons within retail spaces, sanitization efforts, contactless payment options, etc.
    • The new and creative ways in how products/services are being sold and delivered.
    • Messages of support to our Community.
    These short video segments are being aired on ONNtv throughout their programming schedule as well as published on SaultOnline and pushed out across our social media channels to help spread the word. Feel free to share across your own networks too!
    It is our hope that by keeping our Community informed about what to expect moving forward, we can all work together to help keep stress and anxiety to a minimum during these difficult times.
    Sample questions the SaultOnline/ONNtv team would be asking: 
    • What are you and your team doing to help “Flatten the Curve” during these difficult times?
    • What can customers expect with regards to changes in how you are providing your products/services? Take-out/delivery options, access restrictions, number of customers in your location at a time…
    • What changes, if any, are there in your hours of operation?
    • Do you have a few words you would like to share with the Community?
    If your business would like to participate, please email Treena@superiormedia.ca or send a message to SaultOnline/ONNtv through their Facebook page.
    Alternatively, local businesses are also encouraged to grab their mobile devices to create their own video segments. Simply upload them to YouTube or any other platform as unpublished or private and be sure to share it with us (newsroom@superiormedia.ca). Our team will then run it through a bit of post-production if needed. Please include the correct spelling of any business names and persons speaking.
    Sample done this week - Huckson’s Water Depot:

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