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Community Cup

Starts: 2014-06-21 Ends: 2014-06-21


Important Information for Teams:


  1. Max Number of Players per team is 10
  2. Min number of players per team is 5
  3. All teams will be paired with newcomers
  4. Teams can be mixed, male and female
  5. Equipment will be supplied
  6. Schedule, and Spirit Points Chart will be e-mailed by 5:00 p.m. Friday, June 20, 2014
  7. Each Match will be 30 minutes long
  8. Each Team will have a Coach from the SSM Cricket Team
  9. Each Team will vote to appoint a Spirit Captain
  10. Teams will be able to meet 1 hour prior to the beginning of the tournament for practice with their Coach
  11. Coaches will also referee games when their team is not playing


General Rules:


  1. Request to wear team clothing if possible (if no uniforms, then please pick a unified colour)
  2. 6 Outs per innings
  3. Umpires decision is final
  4. All matches are 16 overs/innings
  5. Each over is 6 deliveries maximum
  6. Heavy Tennis ball will be used.
  7. Wides called by umpires result in two runs
  8. lf the ball is in play, batsmen can run any number of desired runs
  9. Fielder can stand anywhere


Glossary of Terms


Outs –  the state of a batsman who has been dismissed

Innings –one team's turn to bat (or bowl)

Over – the delivery of six consecutive legal balls by one bowler

Deliveries – the number of bowls

Wide – a delivery that passes illegally wide of the wicket, scoring an extra for the batting side. A wide does not count as one of the six valid deliveries that must be made in each over – an extra ball must be bowled for each wide

Runs – In the sport of cricket, a run is the basic unit of scoring. Runs are scored by a batsman, and the aggregate of the scores of a team's batsmen (plus any extras) constitutes the team's score.

Fielding - in the sport of cricket is the action of fielders in collecting the ball after it is struck by the batsman, in such a way either to limit the number of runs that the batsman scores or to get the batsman out by catching the ball in flight or running the batsman out.

Fielder – a player on the fielding side who is neither the bowler nor the wicket-keeper, in particular one who has just fielded the ball

Batsman- A player on the batting side, or a player whose speciality is batting,[1] or one of the two members of the batting side who are currently at the crease.

Bowling- the act of delivering the cricket ball to the batsman

Wicket Keeper - the player on the fielding side who stands immediately behind the batting end wicket