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Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre (SSMIC) Centre Presents TAG Luncheon with Gerry Kirk

Starts: 2012-05-31 Ends: 2012-05-31

TAG Luncheon on May 31st

Gerry Kirk will present on personal Kanban and improving productivity with a focus on work/life balance.

Where is the GPS for mapping work, navigating life?

Are you or people in your organization feeling overwhelmed with their workload? Do they feel they are not getting the results they want from the actions they are taking? Does everything seem urgently important? 

We have real-time information to get from destination to destination, where is the GPS to help us make the right decisions at the right moment?

This session is for individuals who want to create more value for their organizations, teams and themselves through improved personal performance. Learn how to be more effective, with greater joy.

It’s a free event from 12-1:30. Lunch is included but seats are limited. The location is TBD so check back here for updates or contact or