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Disable the Label

Starts: 2011-05-06 Ends: 2011-05-06

Historically people of all ages with mental health issues have been discriminated against.  We have been trained as a society to shun those affected by mental illness.  This can cause those affected to become ashamed and try to hide their mental illness.

A youth driven volunteer group, The New Mentality Algoma, supported by Algoma Family Services is determined to increase awareness of mental health and mental illness.  Their aim is to reduce the stigma and discrimination that surrounds mental health issues. 

To increase the awareness of a positive healthy attitude toward mental health, The New Mentality Algoma is organizing a fun and interactive carnival for youth ages 13 to 25 and other members of the community who are interested in learning more about mental health and mental illness.  This event will be held at the Station mall Food Court from 4 pm - 9 pm. 

For more information about the carnival or The New Mentality Algoma, please call Hillary Lorenzo at 253-2092.