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Options to Succeed - Free Employee Training

Starts: 2010-11-09 Ends: 2010-11-23

Did you know that the cost of employee turnover can range from 1/2 to 4 times an employee's annual wage and benefits program?   We can help improve profitability, reduce employee turnover, and enhance employee morale.  This training can lead to improvement in employee morale, performance, effectiveness, and commitment.  Staff will become more equipped to deal effectively with problems that occur in the workplace by; identifying individual strengths, weaknesses, and preferences in the workplace; understanding human behaviours, needs. skills, and motivations; practicing effective communication in order to avoid/reduce workplace conflict; identifying irrational thinking and working toward positive attitudes; and identifying sources of stress and developing a prevention plan.   The training consists of 3 workshops, each 3 hours in length, for a total of 9 hours.  They will take place at the John Howard Society (27 King Street) from 3-6 pm on Tuesday November 9th, 16th, and 23rd, 2010.  Space is limited.  Please call Jennifer at the John Howard Society for more information or to register at 759-1703.  Private workshops can be aranged.